Friday, February 12, 2010

Coed Magazine Articles

My Coed Magazine articles were published during March 2010. Here are the excerpts and links.

5 Steps to Rid Your Room of Funk

A dreary abode can turn you into a Pepe-La-Pew over night. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. If you follow my tips to cleanliness, your friends will take notice...

How To Protect Your Privates From an STD Invasion

The VD Season (not just the one that requires a doctor’s visit) is nearly upon us. Dates are secured, gifts purchased, reservations made, but before you vandalize your summer love be sure to gift wrap her package…

Girl Talk: Help Me Out Today, I'll Sex You Up Tonight
Okay guys in relationships a certain level of compromise is expected, especially when it comes to cleaning up, intimacy, and running errands. Every year countless books and films within our culture center on the topic of relationship improvement. Yet you college men view the treatment of women differently, than post grads. But not all is lost...

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blogger News Articles

These are excerpts from articles written for Blogger News.

NJ Couple Head The Escort Service Involving Spitzer

Cecil Suwal and Mark Brener are the masterminds behind the global escort service, Emperors Club VIP, that is linked to New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer.

The 23-year-old elite, prep school graduate and the 62-year-old widower are the May-December couple who are accused of running the successful prostitution ring.

Mother's Diet May Determine Baby's Gender

New research, published in the proceedings of the Royal Society B, a British medical journal, suggests that what a woman eats before pregnancy influences the gender of her baby.

Eating a diet high in potassium-rich foods, like bananas and avocados, and eating breakfast appears to raise a woman’s chances of having a boy.

This research is the first to show that a woman’s diet could factor into her having a boy or a girl.

Women Write the Headlines for Cerise

Do you awake at 6 a.m. to start your day? Are you the glue that holds your family together? Do you interact with more people daily than you’d like to remember? Then slip away to a quiet corner with a blanket, glass of merlot and copy of Cerise.

Cerise News is the literary brainchild of two southern New Jersey women, Aren Alfaro and Janet Garraty.

PJ's and A Movie Film Reviews

The following are excerpts from my online film review column PJ's and a Movie.

Growing Up is Hard to do in the Adventures of Sebastian Cole

Thinking back to 1996, I was confronted with the reality that it’s been 12 years since I was a high school freshman. No I don’t wish to return. Instead I’d rather look back and move forward. I learned many lessons that year, because the differences between my elementary school and high school, were vast. During that era, I was introduced to sex, drugs, discrimination, and a novel which has been attributed to making people go mad!

There's Life After the Darkness in the Color Purple

“You sho is ugly,” evokes laughter and the bitter sting of embarrassment.

Many people know what film this hilarious line originates from. But for those of you who don’t know, I’ll give you a hint. Think purple.

Ah yes, the Color Purple. This Academy Award Nominated, snubbed for Best Picture, film is based on the novel by Alice Walker. In the movie, director Steven Spielberg, brings to life the story of women living during the Jim Crow era of the south...

Halle Berry Reigns in Alex Haley's Queen

During Valentine’s week in 1993, I had the pleasure to watch the 3 part mini-series adaptation of Alex Haley’s Queen. Although, I was merely 11 year-old at the time, I felt a strong connection and understanding of the pain of the characters. Perhaps it was the emergence of past life memories or just knowing that owning another person is wrong, whatever the case, the impact of this film was profound and still resonates with me today...

The Press of Atlantic City-Generation Next

These articles were written during my Sophomore year of Holy Spirit High School. It was a wonderful opportunity to gain experience at a well known publication as a student.